Member management 

Automated admin   

E-Fundraising tools


From big shiny features to little subtle ones, there isn’t anything or anyone else out there providing what MCH has to offer collectively in one place.  We're convinced this will truly and positively transform your organisation!

Get your house in order

Communicating with, providing for and knowing the most you can, about the people attached to your organisation can open up untapped resources that will make your group stronger and more successful.

Get your own professional website

Showcase your organisation with your very own customisable website, full of amazing features. 

  • content flexible by organisation type
  • access to publicly posted
    e-fundraising activities
  • club e-commerce shop & loyalty rewards
  • promote and seek valuable sponsorship 

Digital age communications

Keep everyone informed about news, events, fundraising and other key activities and announcements.

  • 1:2:1 & group messaging via the hub, email and SMS
  • real time news, event and task notifications
  • personalised user notification preference settings
  • fully optimised for tablet & mobile devices

Flexible payment collections

Set up subscriptions, plans and one-off payments via our partner integrated collections technology.

  • easy online set up via the members hub
  • fully automated payment collection
  • dashboard payment tracking & filtering
  • FCA authorised & BACS approved

Enable tax efficient giving

Digitise, set up and administer Gift Aid returns against eligible payments and donations.

  • maintain up to date Gift Aid declarations online
  • ease the financial burden on paying members
  • 25% uplift on donations for your organisation
  • HMRC approved Gift Aid processing technology

All member info, in one safe place

Know your members like never before via a dedicated and secure member's control hub. 

  • visibility of skill sets that exist in your organisation
  • digitally identify & secure willing volunteers
  • control parent consents & declarations
  • instant access to emergency medical information  

Multiple memberships, unique user

The centralised hub means users can manage multiple memberships under one login profile.

  • easy administration of master profile
  • manage multiple dependents & clubs
  • MCH benefits for EVERY member
  • centralised management of all communications 

Reach untapped volunteer resources

We all need a bit of help! Invite members to commit some time to your cause.

  • sign up at registration or other times
  • invite task assignments from official's hub
  • digital task notifications via the hub, email and SMS
  • leverage resources that are at your finger tips 

Let data do the hard work

Kit sizing data helps you to be organised with the very simplest of effort for all those involved.

  • teamwear purchase order tools
  • date stamp validity ensuring live, accurate information
  • real time member base data request
  • market leading incentives from MCH Sports   

Live and breath your code of conduct

Promote and instil spirited standards of commitment and behaviour, right across your organisation.

  • template document upload
  • member sign up declaration
  • automated reminders via
    the hub
  • future reference to a common ethos   

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Take your time back

Volunteering can be a busy and thankless task so whether it’s managing day to day duties, committee actions or maintaining a compliant club, your time and effort needn’t be stretched

Upload member data in an instant

Helping you and your members hit the ground running, upload registration details from your existing records.

  • copy member details to Excel file template
  • save time & hassle setting up registration
  • quick & simple for your members
  • members complete personal registration

Spread the load quickly & easily

Appoint multiple authorised users and control MCH access privileges right across your organisation. 

  • centrally manage single or multi tier organisations
  • set up & control multi level user access profiles 
  • control official's
    notifications settings
  • manage & align resources at the touch of a button

Manage member payments

Collect recurring and one-off member payments via our partner integrated collections technology.

  • easy online set up & member invitation
  • fully automated payment collection
  • dashboard payment tracking & filtering
  • FCA authorised & BACS approved

Your communications nerve centre

Manage and feed all group communications keeping everyone connected and informed.

  • 1:2:1 & group messaging via the hub, email and app
  • news & gallery feeds to your website
  • promote member & club MCH benefits
  • fully optimised for tablet & mobile devices

Organise group events with ease

Create, invite and manage regular events through your hub & members calendar.

  • share event details, logistics & updates real time
  • invite & gather attendance responses
  • publicised via the hub, email, app and your website
  • user notification preference settings

Professionally manage key actions

Log, allocate and track key committee actions, ensuring real time visibility of that all important to-do list.

  • digitally assign actions to key people
  • set and manage target completion dates
  • email & app expiring or overdue reminder alerts
  • live status reports via the officials hub 

Coordinate or let coveted facilities

If you have your own facilities, use the booking system to internally allocate, or publicly let your resources.

  • private or public facilities management
  • online calendar booking system
  • accessible via your website
  • online rental payment collections

Help is at your finger tips

Call those registered members in to action and coordinate chosen tasks via your volunteers e-rota.

  • view & refresh registered list of volunteers
  • allocate & invite tasks from your hub
  • task notifications via members hub, email & app
  • save time & build a stronger team

Report it or don't?

Share sports club statistics like fixtures, results and league tables or switch it off if that's not for you.

  • record & store key event statistics
  • share via the members hub and your website
  • write & post match day reports
  • disable the functionality if you're not a sports club  

Pick your man of the match

Set up and track your member's voting choice for man of the match awards.

  • optional post match voting tool
  • voting alerts via the hub, email & SMS
  • results posted and tracked via hubs
  • disable the functionality if it's not for you

Attract and manage valuable funding

Proactively build and maintain a long lasting pipeline of existing and prospective key funding sources.

  • database new, existing & potential sponsors
  • join up member & prospect connections
  • record & plan sponsor approaches
  • maintain log of successful awards & key contacts  

Compliance needn't be scary

Never again lose track of the compulsory qualifications your official's need to maintain a compliant organisation.

  • upload certification documents to online store
  • input & store validity and expiration dates
  • automated expiry alerts via the hub, email & SMS
  • view, print & share status log and copy certifications  

Keeping you compliant is easy

Our programmes functionality allows you to manage and account for attendance and participation of key activity.

  • automated recurring notifications
  • sessional register keeper
  • track & trace compliant
  • report on your activity

Store files in a safe place

Keep important documents appropriately and readily available, for as long as you need, via your online hub storage point.

  • control user access privilege
  • upload to a central directory
  • safe, secure & accessible
  • unlimited storage space

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Eliminate unnecessary effort

Having money in the club bank is often the ‘be all and end all’ and every penny is a prisoner.  Make your money work harder, faster and further. Did we mention less effort!?

Charity Gift Aid processing

Don't miss out on much needed sustainable income and receive what you are entitled to, without the administration hassle.  

  • 25% uplift on eligible donations
  • fully automated administration

  • automated remittances directly to your bank account
  • HMRC approved processing technology


Digitise your event management

Organising an event takes so much time and effort but you can make it easy and stress free using your event e-planning tool.

  • digitally create, advertise & distribute event details
  • self serve e-ticket sales & fulfilment  
  • payment collections directly to your bank account
  • optional post event feedback survey

Throw those sponsor sheets away

Simplify your sponsored events by promoting, securing sponsors and collecting money, all online via your hub e-fundraising tools.

  • simple & convenient for members, sponsors & officials
  • sponsor by individual, view by collective group
  • payment collections directly to your bank account
  • Gift Aid eligible & administered 

Everyone loves a raffle

Run a raffle, for all your registered members, from the comfort of your own arm chair or even whilst on the move.

  • e-tickets sold & collected via the hub to your bank
  • random winner selections from sold tickets
  • digital results notifications & alerts
  • gaming law compliant 

Take the pain out the scratch

Fundraising scratch cards are a quick and easy way to boost your funds and yep, we make it quicker and easier.

  • one-off or recurring member sign up
  • set draw size & multiple winner options
  • automated money collection, draw & results alerts
  • gaming law compliant 

50, 100, more? It's easy to join the club

Not such a headache, it's convenient and easy to reach, enrol and manage a 50, 100 or 200 Club through your digital hub.

  • optional draw size to suit the scale of your club
  • automated monthly draw & win notifications
  • monthly or annual payment collections
  • gaming law compliant

Race on the night, not before!

Organise your race night with complete ease, using the event e-planner, horse and jockey e-ticketing tool and digital race sponsorship.

  • digital event, horse & jockey ticket sales
  • exportable race sheet for main event programme
  • payment collections directly to your bank account
  • gaming law compliant 

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Reward, Rewards, Rewards

Members are the lifeblood of your organisation and MCH Sports combines a variety of loyalty incentives that will not only recognise and reward your members but create financial value for your club too.

We can be your teamwear specialist

We get to know you, we get to know your members and we get to know your teamwear needs and preferences.

  • hub data tells us what you need and when
  • proactively manage supplier lead times
  • full multi-sport product range available
  • personalisation printing & embroidery services 


Buying teamwear has never been easier

Choose your kit and the purchase order calculator will help you fill your basket

  • pulls accurate data from the members hub
  • prompt member updates from officials hub
  • save time & hassle in the buying process
  • no more guesswork on sizes

Save more through club merchandise

Specialised club merchandise purchases will also earn points for your club to redeem against future teamwear purchases.  

  • shop publicly accessible via your MCH hosted website
  • extensive club merchandise product range
  • bespoke personalisation available on all items
  • generate points towards significant teamwear discounts

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Having visibility of what's going on in your organisation is always a challenge, whether it be knowing who has paid, what are the funds doing, where money is being raised.  Your MCH reporting dashboard opens all that up for you!

Giving you the insight you've never had

Keep track of all key activity throughout your organisation and gain valuable insight to help grow your organisation with several helpful reports. 

  • full visibility of subscriptions
  • track and report event income & efundraising activity
  • budget ahead with clarity of Gift Aid enhanced revenue
  • key member data immediately accessible

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