Frequently asked questions


We appreciate there's a lot to take in when making your decision on whether to use the services of MCH.

That's because we're offering a very rich and healthy mix of features that are designed specifically to help advance your organisation.

If you have any questions that can't be answered below using our frequently asked questions below, then we'd love to hear from you via our contact form and we'll get right back to you.


Who is MCH for?

MCH is designed for any type of volunteer organisation, club, charity or community group. In reality MCH can be used for any organisation that needs to manage a member base.

Is MCH just the same as Pitchero, Teamer and others?

There are many great solutions that aim to improve 'club life' but MCH is completely unique and offers a scope of services not available anywhere else, collectively in one place.  MCH can do what others do but much much more and at the same time, caters for any type of member organisation (sporting or non).

Why is MCH a pay to use service when other web based services like this are free to use?

NOTHING is ever free; and MCH is very transparent about its cost model

Current 'free to use' offerings tend to make money from sponsor and marketing ads, which can spoil your user experience.  Members also often pay high multiple SMS charges to respond to club initiated text communications and invites.  Over a short period, this will likely cost more than MCH.   

If used properly (and some organisations will benefit more or less than others), can generate real monetary benefit both for and from registered members with less physical effort and so much so, that MCH fees can pay for themselves.  Oh, and no ads!    

Will it cost our members to respond to text messages received via MCH?

There are no SMS text charges associated with any communications sent or received via MCH.  Some providers carry high SMS charges through short code text responses e.g. text Y/N to 12345.  When you are a member of MCH, the price you see is the price you pay.  

We are interested in using MCH but registering all of our members would be a huge exercise, can MCH help?

This needn't be an issue.  Assuming you have appropriate member records, you can download what is known as a CSV file, which allows data to be saved in a table structured format.  You can transfer all relevant data over to the CSV file from your own records and quickly and easily upload it back in to the MCH system.  You will then invite your members to complete their registration to ensure all of the MCH benefits can be maximised.

Your features include a club hosted website but I have no experience of managing websites.

You don't need to worry - you can easily choose your colour scheme and upload your organisation's logo from within your officials hub.  After that, the template site pulls key information from the various activities that are going on within the main MCH system and includes other MCH links which are designed to generate value, keeping everything simple for you.

We currently have our own website and our own domain but would like to use the MCH website - can we keep our own domain?

Whether you have your own website or not, the quick answer is YES!  Because the hosted website sits on the MCH server, your web address will begin with but if you wish to retain your own, or create a dedicated one for the first time, MCH can put this in place for you.  There will of course be annual costs associated with buying and hosting your own web domain but you will be able to grow and protect your organisations brand, whilst ensuring your website is maintained in a fresh and modern style.  

My organisation has several units and age groups who don't all use the same bank account. How does MCH manage this?

The master official(s) can appoint multiple sub officials, who in turn, can attach additional bank accounts.  This means multi level organisations can channel subscriptions and other funds to specific dedicated bank accounts.  Of course, you can also each register individually if preferred.

I am involved with more than one organisation. Can I use MCH for both organisations?

Clearly this would mean 2 separate agreements with MCH but yes, that is no problem.  If you are a registered official for more than one organisation that is using MCH, this is managed under your own unique ID, which means you can easily access those organisations you are attached to via your login dashboard.

Some of your features seem to cater for sports clubs but we're not a sports club

That's correct, however, if you are not a sports club you can easily switch these features off within the registration process.

It is my job to register our club on MCH but I won't be the person regularly dealing with everything on a day to day basis.

Whoever registers and sets up the initial MCH account is considered the 'master official' however, the master official can appoint multiple other officials and can also delegate their own user access privileges to other people within the organisation.  This ensures the workload can be evenly spread. 

Does MCH earn money from the sale of insurance products via MCH Financial?

MCH has agreed a commercial partnership deal with an established, FCA approved third party supplier, for the provision of insurance quote technology and revenue share against sold products.  MCH passes 100% of its share of revenue on to the buying members organisation.

Is MCH a charity?

No.  MCH has built automated processing technology that has been approved by HMRC to process Gift Aid claims on behalf of charities 

My organisation has charitable status but doesn't currently claim Gift Aid. Can it appoint MCH to administer Gift Aid on its behalf?

Yes absolutely, it's a core service offered by MCH!  Providing your charitable organisation has been recognised by HMRC for tax purposes and your governing documents allow it, you can appoint MCH to administer Gift Aid for you.  All you need to know in order to do this can be found here